love the flow of ‘Thicker than Dust’ K.Flay, Standford alumna and Cali rapper released her latest album last week ‘Life As A Dog’! 

Love the melodic and semi-sung flow - the video: an ode to hipsterdom. 

K.Flay is part of a movement of white female rappers.

on soundcloud: 

Buy here - iTunes: 

cool. rap. and smart. way to.flay

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My new ‘oggetto desiderio’ are the new stylish Google Glasses - for just dollar 1,800 I want them :D - who gets them for me from the US? 

Find out how Diane van Furstenberg and Isabelle Olsson (Lead Designer Google Glasses) collaborated to merge FASHION + TECHNOLOGY 

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human rights are women’s rights and women’s rights are human rights

Hilary Clinton 
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#ShineStrong - Not sorry - let’s stop apologizing when there’s nothing to apologize. #BeConfident 

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Gender inequality is not a women’s issue – it concerns every member of society. Men and boys must be allies and champions for change and this can stop the cycle of violence from spreading to the next generation.

Alice Allan, global head of advocacy at Care International (via halftheskymovement)
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